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Welcome to the Town of Lexington's Geographic Information System. This interactive tool provides access to town maps and geographically referenced property information. For comments or questions regarding this GIS, please contact the DPW Operations Manager


To begin using the site, please use one or more of the search fields to the left. Pick from the drop-down list of Street Names or type in as much information as you know about the property, such as Property ID or Owner Last Name to obtain a list of matching records. For example, typing "S" in the Owner Last Name Field will produce a list of all property owners with a last name starting with "S".

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The GIS is a General Planning Tool for Informational Use Only

These data represent diligent efforts of the Town of Lexington (“the Town”) and its contractors to present accurate maps and associated information in a Geographic Information System (GIS) database. The Town makes no warranties, promises, and/or representations, expressed or implied, relating to the completeness, accuracy, timeliness, and/or reliability of the data whatsoever, including fitness for a particular purpose. The data in this GIS is not a substitute for actual fieldwork and verification.

No commercial enterprise may use the following information for either profit or resale. Linking directly to the information contained on this web site is strictly prohibited. All links must be to the main Town of Lexington web site at Unauthorized distribution or reproduction is prohibited without permission of the Town of Lexington.